Orlando Restaurants – Advertise with us

Why it works

Millions of people travel to Orlando every year and thousands of people go out to eat every night. They look online to find the best restaurants and what kind of deals are out there.

OrlandoRestaurants.com is optimized to show up in search engines when people are searching for places to eat in Orlando. This equates to thousands of page views a month.

These page views are potential customers! They are looking for a place to eat and you are providing one. Attractive ads with pictures of food make people want to frequent your restaurant.

What Kinds of Traffic Will I Get?

Even in its short time in the market, OrlandoRestaurants.com has achieved some great marketing results:

  • A Google page rank of 5
  • Thousands of page views a week
  • Page 1 listings on Google and Yahoo for some well-searched keywords
  • A large list of customers who have opted-in to receive weekly specials and newsletters

OrlandoRestaurants.com is actively engaged in SEO practices and will continue to seek paid and natural traffic. This means that your traffic will increase.

In addition, we will be giving away the opportunity to win prizes for people who are willing to add their email address to our opt-in list. Of course, if you have gift certificates or anything else you would like to donate, we would gladly accept it.

How Can I Advertise?

You can advertise in one or more of the following ways:

  • Banner Ads (3 different sizes and positions)
  • Weekly Email Specials
    • The email will be limited to 8 restaurants
  • Upgrade Your Restaurant Listing


  • Link to your URL
  • Managed section where you can change specials, add coupon, etc.
  • Home Page Spotlight
    • Only up to 5 restaurants will be able to be a spotlight at a time


To Advertise, call 407.998.5593 or email noah.talesnick@wsoaonline.com

Rates (invoiced monthly)

Banner Ads

125 x 120 $40/month
120 x 240 $65/month
730 x 90 $100/month

Banner Creation

$100/per banner
$30/per photo used
Email Specials $200/email
Listing Upgrade $35/month
Home Page Spotlight $150/month


To Advertise, call 407.998.5593 or email noah.talesnick@wsoaonline.com